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Pre-term Labor problem:

Labor before the 37th week of gestation

Pre-term birth affects 11% of annual births in the U.S.

The major cause of peri-natal morbidity

Causes 75% of infant deaths and 50% of long-term neurological handicaps

Neonatal survival rate

Neonatal survival rate improves by 2% per day (23rd-26th week)

Any treatment that prevents premature birth will profoundly reduce neonatal mortality and morbidity rates


Neonatal Intensive Care Units

1.5M pre-term babies in the Western world annually

4.5M NICU hospitalization weeks

Cost of $45-65B


Pre-term Labor Prevention

It is difficult to identify women at risk for pre-term labor

No treatment has been proven to be effective for more than 24-48 hours

Existing remedies:

Uterine contraction inhibition agents

Surgical strengthening of the cervix

IV fluids and bed rest


Labor Induction Reasons

Pregnancy has gone two weeks or more past the due date

Water breaking prematurely

Pregnancy-induced high blood pressure

Other medical complications


Various scientific case reports on the use of the Preventerm source molecule report no adverse side effects to the mother or infant

Initial tests of Preventerm have shown a 90% efficacy rate in preventing preterm labor – overwhelmingly more effective than any of the currently available treatment modalities

Preventerm stands to decrease the overall expense of preterm infant health care and will reduce infant mortality as well as post-natal complications considerably

We intend to generate revenue through joint and/or strategic collaborations with large pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in order to further develop our products, jointly facilitate regulatory approval, and subsequently to bring our products to the global markets

A unique investment opportunity: Patented and patent-pending breakthrough drugs Direct solution to a pressing market need Vast expertise in the OB/Gyn industry Several discrete multi-billion dollar markets Strategic value to large pharmaceutical companies