Pharmaceuticals Ltd.


Investment Opportunity

BT is gearing up for an equity investment of $16-20million that will enable it to complete product development, commence full-scale clinical trials, broaden management and enhance business development activities. BT is a unique investment opportunity due to its:

Patented and patent-pending breakthrough drugs

Direct solution to a pressing market need

Multiple positive market responses from major players

Vast know-how in the OB/Gyn industry

Several discrete multi-hundred million dollar markets

Strategic value to Big Pharma players

Business Strategy and Objectives

BT is an innovative R&D pharmaceutical company with vast knowledge and intellectual property in the OB/Gyn domain. The Company strives to bring its proprietary drugs to the market through strategic partnerships.

The Company intends to generate revenues through joint venture collaborations with Big Pharma in the development and approval of its products. These strategic alliances will include up-front, R&D, royalty, and milestone-based payments. Strategic partners will bear the costs of pre-market regulatory approvals, marketing, distribution and sales of such drug products. These partners will enable the most rapid approval and the most expedient penetration of international markets. In January 2001, OSI Pharmaceuticals, the developer of OSI-774 EGF-receptor inhibitor for cancer (currently in Phase II clinical trials) signed a combined equity, co-development, licensing and supply agreement with Genentech Inc., a Hoffman-La Roche affiliated company, for a total of $187 million. This included, according to publications (Recombinant Capital, Jan. 2001), a $70 million equity investment and a 50% royalty contract.

 The Company will also sign licensing agreements with Big Pharma that are interested in using the technology for independent development of drug products for other specific indications, i.e. veterinary.

The Company expects to generate cash flow early in its existence through its technology licensing and partnering efforts. Initial discussions are currently underway in both the U.S. and Europe with potential corporate licensees and partners.

Longer term, the Company believes that it has the potential to generate proprietary drug portfolios independently and bring them to the market.

Strategic Alliances

Potential partners may include leading pharmaceutical companies of the following types:

  • Companies that have invested heavily in the OB/Gyn field and that want to maintain leadership is these markets. These include, for example, Abbott Laboratories (manufacturers of tocolytic agents), Johnson & Johnson (manufacturers of contraceptive agents and lung surfactants), Schering (tocolytic agents), Akzo Nobel and Organon (contraception) and Ferring (infertility, preterm labor). Potentially, Preventerm may be bundled with Ferring’s Atosiban in order to produce a drug that inhibits four of the five key elements of labor initiation.
  • Other companies that are not heavily invested in OB/Gyn but may be interested in entering this lucrative market via innovative products.
  • Companies that are either involved, or wish to become involved, in R&D and manufacturing of veterinary obstetric products.
  • Companies that may wish to evaluate, and then utilize, the patented products for other indications, either within the OB/Gyn field, or outside of it.


Business Development and Marketing

BT will recruit and utilize top-level business development and marketing firms and personnel in order to actively penetrate its markets and form strategic alliances with leading pharmaceutical players. The Company is aware of the efforts and expenditures that may be involved in such operations and has planned its budget accordingly. Consequently, the Company’s strategy is very focused, and will target only selected leading pharmaceutical companies in North America and Europe.


Marketing activities will be enhanced by:

  • Publications in leading medical journals.
  • Participation in major scientific conferences and workshops.
  • Participation in commercial biotechnology tradeshows.
  • Participation in scientific associations and Federal Agency committees
  • Joint participation at local events with partners.
  • Promotion of Website.
  • Product promotion through journal advertisements.


Various scientific case reports on the use of the Preventerm source molecule report no adverse side effects to the mother or infant

Initial tests of Preventerm have shown a 90% efficacy rate in preventing preterm labor – overwhelmingly more effective than any of the currently available treatment modalities

Preventerm stands to decrease the overall expense of preterm infant health care and will reduce infant mortality as well as post-natal complications considerably

We intend to generate revenue through joint and/or strategic collaborations with large pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in order to further develop our products, jointly facilitate regulatory approval, and subsequently to bring our products to the global markets

A unique investment opportunity: Patented and patent-pending breakthrough drugs Direct solution to a pressing market need Vast expertise in the OB/Gyn industry Several discrete multi-billion dollar markets Strategic value to large pharmaceutical companies